Low yellow pasta

Low yellow pasta

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..... what can I tell you ... I like meatless foods, not that I wouldn't eat at all, but I feel better when I eat these light foods that I can prepare for fasting days ..... but who doesn't like pods ??? I hope you agree with me .....

  • 2 jars of 800gr of yellow pods,
  • 2 onions,
  • 2 tablespoons broth,
  • marar,
  • 4 cloves of garlic,
  • salt and pepper.

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


for the beginning I cleaned the onion, then I washed it and then I cut it into small pieces.

ready-cut onion I added it in a pan in which I put oil to heat.

over the onion I added a glass of water to suffocate the onion a little.

separately I took the pods out of the jar and rinsed them a little, and then I added them over the already stewed onion.

I left them together for 10 minutes, after which I added the broth which I opened with a glass of water.

I added salt and pepper, and at the end I added dill and crushed garlic.

I left them to boil until the juice formed decreased.

I served it hot with polenta!

enjoy your meal!

Low Garlic Pasta & # 8211 Video Recipe

Low garlic pods are the food I make as soon as I find the first pods on the market.
I have now found broad, yellow pods, very tender and which do not have & # 8222ate & # 8221 on the edges, as do ripe pods.
Low pod beans with garlic, it is a peasant dish, very tasty, in fact it is more of a bean salad with olive oil.
I don't know if it's a purely Romanian food, but I know that I ate it for the first time during my first summer vacation, after I finished first grade, when my mother left me on vacation in the country with my brother-in-law's parents.
Maybe my mother had cooked it too, but being very small, I wouldn't have given it to eat because it had a lot of garlic.
Anyway, I remember that the old people I stayed at had a large vegetable garden and I picked beans for the first time with my own hand, which impressed me a lot and remained well imprinted in my mind.
We also had a backyard garden at home, but we didn't put so many vegetables.
I know I had tomatoes that grew very big and were as sweet as I haven't eaten in years.
After I picked the pod beans I helped clean it, I then broke (so I was asked) by hand the heads of the pods and they were so tender, juicy and smelled so good!
I witnessed their preparation only once and everything that the old woman did remained in my mind.
Even now I make low-fat beans with garlic according to the recipe of that time.
I also made improvements when the garlic is added, because I don't like to boil it in the pod sauce, but to adjust its spiciness a bit and to remove the bitterness that it gives if we let it cook for too long.
That's why I grind them, rub them with salt and oil and put them at the end and a strong but velvety garlic taste comes out, I don't know how to explain, the strength of the garlic is chiseled.
In addition, the oil also takes on the taste of garlic and distributes it evenly throughout the salad (low bean meal).
Low pea beans with garlic is much better cold from the fridge, so I don't eat it immediately with hot polenta, as those grandparents served it then.
And because I found here, at the sea & # 8211 where I stay in the summer, sweet solarium tomatoes from the neighbors' garden, I served it with sweet tomatoes.
It was a madness of wonderful tastes !!

& # 8211 2 kg yellow broad beans
& # 8211 1 head of garlic
& # 8211 1 small onion
& # 8211 5 tablespoons olive oil
& # 8211 salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
& # 8211 1/2 green dill tie
& # 8211 1 red for decoration


Pea bean recipe with dill, garlic, tomatoes and onions or recipe for low-fat beans with garlic it can be eaten plain or as a side dish.

Yellow (or green) sheath summer food is quick, cheap, simple and easy to prepare. It is absolutely delicious in summer, in season, but it can also be prepared in the cold season with frozen pods.

Especially during the fasting period bean pods with garlic is not missing from the menu. It is easy to prepare, has few ingredients and is definitely delicious.

From my point of view bean pod with dill and garlic enter the category traditional recipe. It is not only made in Moldova, I also found it in the southern area and in Transylvania.

In our house, green or yellow beans are eaten with great pleasure, with thin or wide pods. The color of the pods does not necessarily matter, they are generically called green beans because the beans are not dry.

I admit that I like wide pods more, but also the thin ones, tender and delicate, they are very good.

The pods are sauteed and may or may not taste like tomato juice, and the food should be reduced until the juice thickens and the food is low. Obviously, in Transylvania I ate it with a little cream, that's how it is with them. Put the sour cream at the end, in a plate, over the beans.

Pea beans with dill and garlic is a perfect recipe for those who give up meat whether they are fasting and for those who have a vegetarian lifestyle.

If you want to prepare other recipes with green beans, I invite you to see my recipes, so click here.

If you have a vegan / vegetarian lifestyle or are fasting, I invite you to see my fasting recipes & # 8211 are over 300 recipes gathered in one collection. give click here for fasting recipes, then click on the desired category or recipe.

Now I let you see the list of ingredients and how to prepare it bean paste recipe with garlic and dill.


800 g pasta beans
2 medium onions
3 tablespoons sunflower oil (can also be olive oil)
2 tablespoons water + 200 ml water
1 cup tomato juice or 2 very large and very ripe tomatoes
1 paprika powder
1 small bay leaf
7-8 cloves garlic
1 dill bunch

We clean the tail pods and wash them. In a frying pan with high walls, heat the finely chopped onion in the hot oil. When it becomes glassy, ​​add 2 tablespoons of water and let it boil for a while, then add the pods and 200 ml of warm water.

After a few minutes add the tomato juice (in summer we use large and ripe tomatoes, peeled, diced), bay leaf, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, paprika, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Leave the pan on low heat, covering it with a lid, until the bean pods soften (about 20-25 minutes, depending on how tender they are). If the water drops too much, add another 50 ml of hot water. 2 minutes before turning off the heat, add the rest of the crushed garlic. Remove from the heat, add the finely chopped dill and mix until smooth.

Low yellow pods - Recipes

Whether you are a vegetarian, fasting or simply craving tasty pods like your grandmother, try this easy recipe.


800 gr yellow pods,
8 garlic cloves,
1 teaspoon paprika,
1/2 teaspoon pepper,
salt to taste,
1/4 bunch parsley,
2 dill threads (optional),
4 tablespoons oil.

First you need to clean the ends of the heads and break them into 2 or 3 pieces.

In the hot oil add 6 cloves of crushed garlic and sauté a little. Then add the pods and continue to cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring the composition often.

Cover the pods with 2 cups of water, add the spices and finely chopped greens. Put the lid on and simmer over medium heat for about 25-30 minutes. Check that they are cooked after this time and if they are not ready, leave them to boil with a lid.

Add the other 2 cloves of crushed garlic and cook for another 5 minutes without the lid, to reduce the sauce on the pods.

Low pods. With garlic

we do something vegan, my dears? easy and quick to do as well, because August calls us to enjoy our free time, not our time in the kitchen.
we make the classic yellow bean pods with garlic and dill because the pods are in season, and the garlic never goes out of trend. we make these pods and serve them on wholemeal toast and we put it for a quick lunch or a light dinner. but only in the company of someone who likes whatever it is # for garlic.
What do you need:

500 grams of yellow pods (I highly recommend you put more if you have more than one eater & # 8211 he & # 8211 and a quarter of eater & # 8211 I & # 8211 in the house)
7 garlic cloves, let's say a socially convenient figure
a teaspoon of paprika
salt + pepper
chopped dill and chopped parsley
a few tablespoons of oil

How come:
Wash and clean the pods well and then break off their heads. Off with their heads.
Heat the oil, add half of the finely chopped garlic cloves, harden for a minute, stirring constantly so that it does not burn. Before it takes on color, discard the pods and let them harden for 2-3 minutes.
Cover the pods with a cup and a half of water, match with spices, don't forget the paprika and throw away the greens. Leave the heat on medium, put the lid on the pan and let them boil for about 25 minutes, until the pods are well cooked.
Now it's time to add the rest of the crushed garlic, to check if the flavors suit you and to leave everything on the fire for another five minutes, until the new garlic arrives in a hurry. scene.

Are you ready. Serve the pods on toast, as I do now, or serve them as a garnish, as I did as a child. Or serve them absolutely as you like, just don't forget to tell me how they turned out and leave me photos on the networks you spend your century with the hashtag #gatescmereuaici.
I wish you a beautiful weekend with lots of garlic.

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