Fast food of beans

Fast food of beans

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do you want to make something fast food and you don't know what?

Well, take about 2 bundles of green onions, cut them, and throw them in 3 tablespoons of oil, crumbling in the pan.

then add the grated carrot, cut the tomatoes, not too small and put them together to harden over the onion.

add the spices, then the drained beans.

everywhere, pour a glass of water to quench your thirst and let it boil for another quarter of an hour.

after you stop the fire, sprinkle some finely chopped dill and let it cool a bit, after which it is only good to serve. good appetite!!!

Eating bean pods

I noticed that you put veggies in many foods. Why ? Use enough vegetables, condiments, spices, so that this chemical addition is not needed.

Zina, I put vegeta in almost any food. I like what to do? :) Most people put vegeta in food. Those who try my recipes can choose whether or not to vegetate. Because I don't smoke, I allow myself to have this habit - I use vegeta: D

and I use vegeta in everything I cook. if I smoke :)

:)))) Robert. but you still cook a lot. you are good at the man's house :)) and I put vegeta in the food, otherwise it has no taste, no matter how many vegetables I put

:)) I cook almost every day. It seems pretty rare to me though. If I had a family to feed. Woe to my head :))) Ideally I would cook 3 dishes: D I mean besides the bean meal I would have made a soup and a dessert :)
We got used to the taste of the vegetable and now it's hard without us. Grandma didn't use it, but maybe her food was tastier. But do not compare the vegetables we buy with those in the garden.

Robert, I've had vegetables from my mother's garden all summer, but I still put vegeta, otherwise it doesn't taste good, whatever vegetables you put. nothing has tasted in recent years, not even vegetables, not even vegetables, only the garden ones are less fragrant, but it no longer compares with the aromas and taste of yesteryear, maybe the pollution is to blame

Without anyone getting upset, I think it's our fault for perverting our taste buds, our taste buds burned from so many chemicals in food and drink. However, I have been cooking without vegetables for several years, and I have slowly regained the taste of natural food, as natural as it is.

Zina, this is not about upset :) I activated the comments just to exchange opinions, it is impossible to see all the food in the same way. I answered this question and a few weeks ago, if I was upset I think I would have made you read the answer there :)))

I like how your food looks, as for vegeta and I use it as well as many other ingredients for which there are pros but especially cons.

you haven't cooked anything. I went for the goods and now I came, I'm fainting from hunger, I'm going to do my paperwork because you left me uneaten :))) I left myself in your base :))))

:)) She, I made you some pancakes, I won't let you fall asleep without eating: P

before I go to bed, I come to eat them :))) now I go back to the documents

that I think would work with some smoked ribs

Ehee, what's up: D. But shhhhh, let's not make those who fast fast :))))

I also have a small question, can we add more water if it seems to us that it has dropped too much when boiling? As for the vegeta, I always use it, I could say that I am addicted to it.

Daiana, we can worry-free add water to the bean meal to get the desired consistency. I've noticed that lately I've used less vegeta, but that doesn't mean I'm not a big fan of her :)

Hi! now, after a long time, I saw that you answered me. I was looking for another recipe and I remembered that I left you a comment. By the way, I like the new recipes.

So I understand that you eventually ate the food as it turned out, since you were not interested in my answer :)) I hope you like the following recipes, maybe this way you will come back more often, not every two months: D

To be honest, I forgot exactly where I left the comment: D
And in my defense, I take all the recipes that I have tried or that I want to try from your blog :)) I enter quite often, even if I don't leave comments.

:)) Done, with this comment you washed away all your sins and you were acquitted: D I think you are a lawyer, you know how to plead your case well :)

And here is my next argument, very solid by the way. I'm back to your blog for another recipe. So, as I said before, for any recipe I need, I turn to your help. It's about pea food, I hope to find it. By the way, why are you so talented at cooking? :)

I saw that you found that food, but next time you can use the search box in the upper right. What can I say, thank you for the trust invested in me :) I don't know how talented I am, but one thing I know for sure: the need teaches you! : D

I used it, when I posted a previous comment I hadn't looked it up in the blog archive yet so I didn't know if you had it. Totally agree at the stage with the need:) the same principle applied to me.

I thought that you can't not be very good at computers and it's hard for you to find a certain recipe, in case you don't have the patience to go through the whole list.

absolutely everything I want to try or if I have any questions I go to your page. I made the apple cake many times. coconut and whipped cream bombs, stuffed mushrooms, peppers stuffed with mushrooms. ciulama de ciueprci cu pui. and more. I love this page ... it's for everyone to understand. I live in Barcelona and it really doesn't taste like anything here. no fruits, no vegetables and I am a big fan of the delicacy. with the taste of chicken or vegetables. keep it up, dear sir. and as many recipes as possible. multumesccccccccccccccc

Prepare a bean dish with smoked ciolan!

When was the last time you enjoyed a bean meal like at home mom? If some time has passed, or if you simply do not know what to cook, we advise you to try the simplest recipe for bean meal with smoked ciolan. It is prepared with minimal effort, but the result will bring you maximum satisfaction.