Peerless cod liver salad! The whole secret is at the gas station!

Peerless cod liver salad! The whole secret is at the gas station!

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For salad

  1. cod liver 240 gr.
  2. eggs 4 pcs.
  3. hard cheese 150 gr.
  4. fresh cucumbers 2 pcs.
  5. 2 pickled cucumbers
  6. green onions 1 bunch
  7. tomatoes 2 pcs.
  8. lettuce leaves 1 bunch

For refueling

  1. olive oil 1-2 tbsp
  2. lemon juice 1 tsp
  3. 1/2 parsley bunch
  4. salt to taste
  5. fresh cucumber 1/2 pcs
  • Main ingredients: Cod, Greens


cutting board, knife, grater, spoon, dish


- Hard boiled eggs, clean, divide into proteins and yolks.

- Squirrels, fresh cucumbers, pickled cucumbers and hard cheese are cut into small cubes.

- Pickled cucumbers should not be too sour, otherwise they will “kill” the whole taste of the salad.

- Chop green onion finely.

- Divide the cod liver with a fork into small pieces.

- Rub the yolks on a fine grater.

- Cut the tomato in half, then into thin slices.

- Prepare a dressing. Parsley randomly chopped and sent to a blender, there we send salt (to taste), lemon juice, olive oil and 1/2 fresh cucumber (from the total), combine everything with a blender. Olive oil can be replaced with oil in which there was a liver of 1-2 tbsp.

- We combine all the ingredients of the salad: cheese, green onions, proteins, cod liver, fresh and pickled cucumbers, salad seasoned with our miracle dressing.

- Put lettuce leaves on the dish, lettuce on top, sprinkle with grated yolk and decorate with slices of tomato and parsley.

- Such a salad can be quickly prepared when guests are on the doorstep, it is tasty and satisfying at the same time, everyone who tries it will be satisfied!