Fried smelt

Fried smelt

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  1. small smelt 300 g
  2. flour 150 g
  3. salt 0.75 tsp
  4. sunflower oil 3 tbsp taste
  • Main ingredients: Smelt, Flour


pan, package,


The first step is to thoroughly rinse the smelt under running water. We do not remove the insides and heads, since it is simply not real on such a small fish. Yes, and this does not affect the taste at all)).

Pour flour and salt into the bag. Shake the bag so that the salt mixes with the flour.

We put the fish in the bag and again we briefly shake the bag. Flour should evenly cover smelt.

On a plate, slightly smaller in diameter than the diameter of the pan, spread the whole fish tightly to each other.

Cover the pan with a pan and turn over. The fish will remain in the pan. Add vegetable oil and fry over medium heat until golden brown.

Cover again with a plate and turn over the pan. Now you need to carefully transfer the fish from the plate back to the pan with the side that has not yet been fried.

The most delicious fish in the world is ready. Enjoy your meal.

How to cook fried small smelt, see the video. Thanks.