Coconut Cakes Without Baking

Coconut Cakes Without Baking

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Ingredients for making coconut cakes without baking

  1. Vanilla curds 4 pcs. (360 g)
  2. Cream 20% 200 g
  3. Coconut flakes 160 g
  4. Powdered Sugar 3 tbsp
  5. Gelatin 25 g
  6. Water 4 tbsp
  7. Strawberry 50 g
  8. Mint or lemon balm to taste
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Cottage Cheese, Cream
  • Serving 8 servings

Recipe Tips:

- The number of servings depends on the forms in which you will prepare the cakes. On average, I get 7-9 servings.