Eggplant and tomato appetizer

Eggplant and tomato appetizer

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  1. eggplant 2 pcs.;
  2. tomatoes 4 pcs.;
  3. greens 1 bunch;
  4. garlic 2 cloves;
  5. vegetable oil 3 tbsp;
  6. mayonnaise 2 tbsp .;
  7. salt to taste;
  8. ground black pepper to taste.
  • Main Ingredients: Eggplant, Tomato
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


board, bowl, knife, frying pan, dish.


Prepare all the ingredients. Wash and dry the eggplant and tomatoes. Cut eggplant into circles, transfer to a deep bowl. Pour eggplant with salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon of salt per 2 eggplant and leave to drizzle for 15 minutes so that the bitterness is gone. At this time, prepare the sauce for our dish. To do this, finely chop half a bunch of herbs, pass the garlic through a press, combine the herbs with garlic, add mayonnaise, salt and black pepper. All mix until smooth. We wash the eggplants with running water and dry with a towel, fry in vegetable oil on both sides until golden. We lay the eggplants on a dish, let them cool slightly, and cover with garlic sauce with herbs on top. Cut the tomatoes in medium circles and lay them on top of the eggplant, tomatoes on top need a little salt. We decorate the dish with herbs, let stand for 20 minutes and serve. The appetizer turns out to be tasty, nutritious and aromatic, good both in warm and in cold form.

Fast eggplant and tomato appetizer ready! For a more detailed recipe, see the video. Enjoy your meal!