Pork Stew with Dried Mushrooms

Pork Stew with Dried Mushrooms

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  1. Pork schnitzels 5-6 pcs.
  2. Dried mushrooms 2 handfuls
  3. Sour cream 18% 400 ml
  4. Onion 1 pc.
  5. Fresh parsley to taste
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper to taste
  8. Vegetable oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 3 servings


frying pan, spatula, knife, cutting board


Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Pour mushrooms with clean water and leave overnight, then in the same water bring them to a boil and boil for 30 minutes.
Slightly pork schnitzels with a meat hammer.
Cut the onion into half rings.
Finely chop the parsley.

Step 2: stew the pork with dried mushrooms.

Heat oil in a pan and fry pork in it until golden brown on both sides. Add the onions and continue to fry until the onions are softer.
Add the boiled mushrooms and some water in which they were boiled.
Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
After salt, pepper, add parsley and sour cream. Stir, heat a little and remove from heat. Leave to stand so that the sauce is saturated with aromas.

Step 3: Serve the pork stew with dried mushrooms.

Serve the pork stewed with dried mushrooms hot. Very tasty with buckwheat and pickles.
Enjoy your meal!