Assorted compote

Assorted compote

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  • 5 kg. of nectarines
  • 5 kg. apricots
  • sugar (2 tablespoons sugar for each jar)
  • the water

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Assorted compote:

Wash the apricots and nectarines. Put 2 apricots and a nectarine in the jars. Add the sugar and water to the edge of the jar. Boil in the baine-marine!

What to eat for an iron abdomen. Kinga Sebestyen, the Kangoo Jumps instructor, reveals her daily menu

Kinga Sebestyen, the fitness trainer and the one who launched Kangoo Jumps in Romania, has a perfect figure, without any fat or cellulite. Not only the intense sports classes have the merit, but also the daily diet.

Because she does a lot of exercise, Kinga makes sure to eat healthy foods that provide her with the daily energy needs.

& bdquoBreakfast is always high in protein. I eat boiled eggs or omelette with ham, mushrooms and cheese, 3-4 times a week. At lunch I make sure to have meat and fish soup on the table and grilled fish matched with salad. Between meals I eat fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemon and grapefruit, the latter being very good for detoxification. In the evening, after training, I eat fish with mozzarella. If I feel like something sweet, I open a compote and eat only the fruit, without juice because it contains a lot of sugar. However, we are lucky that there are more sugar-free organic products on the market. "Six years ago, for example, I had to compare them from abroad," says Kinga Sebestyen.

The fitness coach confesses that she has not touched sugar for more than 17 years. & bdquoConsume only bee honey as a sweetener. Otherwise, when I feel like dessert, I choose fruits or nuts and raisins. From time to time he pampered me with pancakes with honey and nuts. "I also sweeten the coffee with honey," she added.

The balanced menu is complemented by a sustained activity at the gym, either as personal training or when teaching sports classes.

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Crispy cherry cake

Teo prepared us a delicious cake today, with the cherries from Râureni compote. Sweet-sour taste and a crunchy crust that you will not be able to resist.

Try it now and share your impressions with us! :)

Cakes with "grated" dough - as my grandmother calls them - are among my favorites, because I remember my childhood and Sunday morning dessert. Usually, the filling can be made with any kind of jam or jam, with fresh fruit or fruit compote. For today's recipe, however, I chose the cherries from the Râureni compote, a compote so tasty and cool that I can no longer use it for the cake and eat it as it is. Anyway, after I put the cherries in the recipe, I also drank the compote in two sips - this is because not only the cherries in the composition are well-chosen and with juicy pulp, but also the compote itself is absolutely delicious. Thus, from a jar of cherry compote from Râureni, I chose a delicious cake to lick your fingers and a natural juice, only good to match.

Ingredients for 10-12 slices:

  • 225g butter at room temperature
  • 300g white flour
  • 25g cornmeal
  • 100g brown sugar
  • a vial of lemon or vanilla essence of your choice - a pinch of salt
  • a jar of Râureni cherry compote
  • vanilla powdered sugar for powdering at the end, optional

We mix the butter butter with the sugar and the essence. Separately, mix the white flour with the cornmeal and salt, then put them over the butter and knead a homogeneous dough, slightly crumbly, but which does not stick to the hand. Put a handful of the dough aside and leave it in the fridge for 10 minutes. From the rest of the dough, spread a sheet with a thickness of 1 cm - 1 cm and a half, round or square, according to preference.

Add the cherry compote over the dough sheet, after removing the seeds. Then take the dough out of the fridge and put it through the large grater over the cherries. Put the cake in the oven heated to 180 ° for 30 minutes or until well browned. Allow the cake to cool to room temperature before powdering it with sugar.

The crunchy cherry cake is a dessert neither too sweet nor too sour, but with an incredible flavor, given by the compote cherries. In addition, you can get a crispy crust if you add a little brown powdered sugar before putting the cake in the oven. If you do, you don't need powdered sugar. But I preferred the powdered sugar version. You're welcome!


Mamita has a hair in the yard. While he was there, he did not see much fruit from him, since he left the organic fruit drop, that is, with worms. As we go to Ciochina once a month, this time we took advantage of the fact that the pears are edible and my husband picked as many as he could. Only they can't be kept for too long, so I decided to choose the edible part of them and make a compote.

The grapes from the vine have ripened, or more precisely, started to ripen. I like some very black ones, only at that time they weren't really baked, however I picked a few bunches, whose berries also ended up in the compote pot.

My husband had bought some plums. It is not usually recommended for diabetics, but no matter how sharp they are, there is no danger. Compote wrote on them.

I still had some blueberries. I can't explain why I don't like it at all, but not at all. I had put some in a bowl with Diamond powder sweetener, but I didn't feel like putting them in my mouth at all. You guessed it, in the pot with them.

Next it was simple, I put water, I boiled the fruits until they softened and I added a little vanillin, for flavor, it is known that pears do not have much flavor. Then I put some Diamond sweetener pills and that's it.

To be a complete recipe, I will put pictures of the butterfly resting in its hair, as well as some of the vine with fruit that is still rich, and the vine will be rich until it is attacked by wasps and starlings. And because almonds, nuts and pumpkins also grow in the yard, you will admire their fruits.

About the beneficial properties of lingonberries, if I do not know, then every person probably realizes. The abundance of vitamins, primarily C and group B, allows it to increase the stability of the immune system and cope with various infectious diseases, waiting at every step in cold and wet weather.

In berry compotes it undergoes minimal heat treatment, so most of the useful substances are well preserved.

Due to the rich mineral composition and variety of organic acids in lingonberries, compote from it:

  • helps with hypertension, reduces blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels
  • has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle
  • increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood
  • helps with resistance to radiological disease (quinic acid)
  • strengthens the gums due to the tannin content
  • promotes muscle growth and simultaneously reduces the size of the fat layer (ursolic acid)
  • is a powerful antioxidant.

And the most important property of cranberry compote is that, having strong diuretic and disinfectant properties, it optimizes the activity of the kidneys and urinary system.

It's important! Lingonberry leaves have the same properties, so when creating a drink for therapeutic and preventive purposes, it is desirable to add a small handful of lingonberry leaves.

Cranberry compote is possible during pregnancy

The last property of cranberry compote is very important for pregnant women, because it helps to solve edema and other problems of the urinary system during this important period. In addition, lingonberry usually does not cause allergies, and the compote in it is able to increase vitality, which is also important for pregnant and lactating women. And due to the rich composition of vitamins and minerals, cranberry compote will help fill their natural deficiency in the body of women during this period.

Not everyone, however, gets to delight in the special taste of this drink, but adding other equally useful berries and berries allows you to soften and improve your taste.

Chicken breast deboned, wash and dry with an absorbent towel (because it will be rolled in flour and should not be wet), then portioned as desired & # 8230, either in narrow strips or quarters.

On a worktop wallpapered with White flour, will be put on hold chicken breast pieces which were previously rolled through white flour mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper.

In a Teflon pan with oil a little hot, put the chicken breast pieces (shaken well with flour), left to fry on each side 5-8 minutes (taking care not to burn the flour on their surface).

After cooking, the chicken breast pieces will be removed on a tray lined with absorbent paper (to remove excess oil) while waiting.

In the same Teflon pan, place on saute green onions for 1 minute, to be added a mixture made in a bowl of: balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, honey and lemon juice, mixed with a whisk until smooth and left on the fire for another 1-2 minutes (until a slightly caramelized sauce is formed).

The pieces of cooked chicken breast will be added to the sauce formed and leave the sauce until serving (to imprint the flavors well in the meat).

Put everything over a garnish boiled basmatic rice (according to the known method) will add the chicken breast together with the onion sauce and honey, decorated for appetizing appearance with slices of green onion and sesame seeds.

As long as the quinces are kept in good condition

Do you remember how good your grandmother's pantry smelled of apple and quince? Well, these fruits can be kept almost all winter in good condition, if you keep a few small secrets:

- Place the quinces in boxes, some next to each other, wrapped in waxed paper or baked paper.
"Be careful not to put the quinces on top of each other so they don't mold."
- Find a well-ventilated, cool place where filtered light enters and humidity is suitable
- You can keep them in the pantry, in a balcony that is closed and protected from frost or in a well-ventilated hall, where there is no heat.
- Do not store quinces in the kitchen, as steam and moisture will damage the fruit.

How to make quince compote for winter & # 8211 old recipe without preservative?

How to clean quinces?

I washed the quinces with cold water and rubbed them well with a clean kitchen cloth to remove the fluff. I cleaned the quinces and seeds. I didn't throw away the leftovers, I kept them for the pelt. I didn't peel them because they had a thin, fragrant shell and I like quince peel. Plus she's healthy. I put the quince slices in water with lemon juice so they don't oxidize.

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