Tart with yogurt and apples

Tart with yogurt and apples

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Peel the apples, cut two into cubes and two into thin slices.

Beat whole eggs, add sugar, yogurt and oil and mix well, add flour and baking powder. At the end, the diced apples are incorporated.

Pour the composition into a round tray with a diameter of 24 cm. Place the apple slices nicely on top, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Put the tray in the oven heated to 200 degrees, bake for 30-35 minutes.

We need a square tart shape of about 20 cm. Mix the ground biscuits, melted butter and a tablespoon of fructose and get the graham top.

Place the mixture in a square shape and refrigerate for 10-12 minutes.

Take a can of pineapple compote pieces, unsweetened 226g and drain the juice. Mix 80 ml of pineapple compote juice with 2 sachets of gelatin (4 teaspoons of gelatin). To dissolve the gelatin, heat the mixture of juice and gelatin to a medium temperature, stirring continuously with a whisk. Remove the juice from the heat and continue mixing, adding honey.

Mix separately in a bowl with yogurt, vanilla essence, pineapple compote, juice mixture with gelatin and honey, coconut and coconut essence.

Place the above mixture over the ground biscuits and refrigerate until hardened.

When served, it can be garnished with strawberries and / or kiwi (optional). For a serving (1/9) we have 152 calories.

Pumpkin tart

I suggest we start the week with a dessert. What do you say? It's easy and even if it's a little out of season, you still have a chance to do it these days because it's been a long winter and we have a cold spring, so pumpkins are still there. Let's see what you have to do to get ten servings / slices of tart (I got so many, and they weren't even small & # 8211 27cm diameter tray):

You should start with the dough. For him you need a cup of flour. For those wondering & # 8222 what kind of cup do you use? & # 8221, well, I used a zodiac cup. Virgo, to be exact. A cup like most mugs in the world (I mean size). When I kneaded I found that I needed two more tablespoons of flour, so I put them.

Also for the dough, two thirds of a packet of butter and three tablespoons of sugar, rubbed well together.

Over sugar and butter, two egg yolks, incorporated with the wooden spoon / mixer (the result is the same). Then comes the flour. Knead the dough, but not much, because it becomes elastic, and we do not want elastic dough, we want crumbly dough. In three to four minutes you get a soft dough (put a pinch of salt in the flour before you start kneading).

So soft that it can be stretched by hand directly into the tray. Some say you don't need to grease the pan with butter before spreading the dough. I prefer to stay calm, so I grease the tray a little. But, come back: after you have spread the dough (you can do this before), let it cool for half an hour. That's because you want the tart to be tender, not dry. I mean the support now, on the counter.

After the dough has cooled, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, place a piece of baking paper over the dough (to protect it) and bake it for a quarter of an hour or until it is baked (visible to the naked eye).

In the meantime, you can take care of the filling. One kilogram (+ -) of pumpkin pie, three tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of honey, three tablespoons of water, all in the same pan, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon. On low heat, 20 minutes.

Finally, the juice from an orange and another 6-7 minutes on the fire.

Two eggs, three tablespoons of sweet cream (whipped cream), beaten together. Mix them with the pumpkin, but only after it has cooled a little.

Fill the tart with the pumpkin and put it in the oven, also at 180 degrees. 45 minutes should be enough.

If you have walnut kernels, it fits, put a few pieces in the cream before baking. Soak them in rum water before, they will bake without burning and they will be pleasantly flavored.

You can put cream or not, according to your appetite. I made the cream from the sweet cream with sugar and lemon and orange peel. It tasted fresh, cool.

You can make tart with apples, pears, apricots, peaches, quinces or any fruit you like. Of course, there are small differences in the preparation of the filling, but we will talk about them on another occasion.

Turkish cake with semolina and yogurt

The days go by like crazy and without realizing it I almost reached the end of May. And it is absolutely delicious in the version with apples or pumpkin. The delicious apple tart is a very good and tasty cake. Grate the apples, drain the juice and set aside. Mix the oil with the sugar, add the yogurt. A fluffy, vanilla and yogurt pie. Simple and quick recipe yogurt pie. And if it's the end of the month, then I have to come up with a recipe for.

A delicious and fast fasting cake, with apples and "quotat" of semolina, and "hat". Cake with apples and burnt sugar cream & # 8211 RECIPE BOOK Rumänische Rezepte Kuchen. Rating: 4 & # 8211 35 reviews & # 8211 1 hour 20 min.

Yogurt with yogurt Fruit jelly Charlot Strawberry charlitter Milk semolina Semolina. Pie with cherries, sour cherries or plums Pie with semolina and. Christmas and New Year's Eve dessert recipes. Cake recipe with yogurt and pineapple mousse.

Apple and yogurt tart Baby Food Recipes, Tarts. The recipe for yogurt and raisin pie is extremely simple and tasty. I still remember the apple pie or the cheese pie. With simple ingredients, based on semolina and yogurt, it is made in all seasons, and summer is perfectly combined with vanilla ice cream. Desserts & rsaquo Sweet urban savory pastries. Simple apple strudel recipe with pie sheets Simple apple strudel recipe with thin pie sheets (commercially available). A cake with walnut top, cherries and vanilla pudding, is perfect when you want something sweet, but that is. In addition, white chocolate cream. Cake with tender apple dough! There are many recipes for cake or apple pie, however. We clean the apples, squeeze them from their juice and put them on the grater.

Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of semolina over the apple filling. I also had a single egg white, and I put it in it, then I put a leftover yogurt and a tablespoon of sour cream. Translation of this page 11 nov. Reading the recipe I found that it looks very much like a traditional Turkish cake - Revani, the cake with semolina and yogurt, which contains.

Delicious apple and semolina cake recipe without sugar for children older than 1 year. From what age can the apple and semolina cake be offered to children?

Unbaked tart with yogurt and chocolate

In Italy & ldquotarta with yogurt without baking & rdquo falls, through its characteristics, in the category of what confectioners call & ldquo modern cakes & rdquo-modern cakes. It conquers the consumers' preferences both through the aesthetic aspect but especially through the taste, delicacy and freshness, adapting perfectly for any occasion, especially during the summer.

It is often confused with the famous & bdquocheese cake & rdquo; confusion to which often contributes some pastries that for a purely economic reason (the price of yogurt is lower than the price of soft cheese, and the base of pandispan cheaper than that with digestive biscuits) continue to call it so.
There are all kinds of versions of this tart, we find it both in the form of a cake and in individual cups, and culinary blogs present a range of very diverse recipes. I took the basic recipe from the internet.
In the version below I allowed myself to make some changes, "matching it" and "sharpening it" according to my tastes.

  • Ingredients: (for a shape of 26 cm):
  • For the countertop:
  • 200 g digestive biscuits
  • 90 g butter
  • A bit of sugar
  • For the yogurt composition:
  • 500 g plain yogurt
  • 100 g sweet pistachio yogurt
  • 150 g vanilla powdered sugar (to taste)
  • 250 ml liquid cream
  • 12 g gelatin in sheets
  • Chocolate ganache:
  • 150 g bitter chocolate
  • 50 g milk chocolate
  • 200 ml liquid cream
  • 15 g butter
  • 40 g crushed hazelnuts

How to make a recipe for Tart without baking, with yogurt and chocolate:

The top is a classic cheese cake. We pass the biscuits through the mixer, melt the butter in the microwave or through the bain-marie technique, amalgamate everything and cover the base of the form (24 cm, preferably with removable walls and lined inside with baking paper) with the back of a spoon and then with your fingers . Refrigerate until it hardens.

Hydrate the gelatin in sheets in cold water. Heat a little yogurt and melt the gelatin in it. Once cooled, mix it with the rest of the yogurt.

Beat the whipped cream liquid (not too hard for a better homogenization and to give a smooth elasticity to the composition) and incorporate it carefully, by moving it from bottom to top, to the yogurt. Transfer the resulting composition on the cookie sheet and put it in the fridge for about 4 hours or in the freezer. At a later time we can add the glaze.

A few hours before consumption, take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge, adding any fresh fruit.

Chocolate ganache:

Put the whipped cream on the fire until almost boiling and then pour it over the finely chopped chocolate. Mix well and add the butter, which is used both to give the composition a more refined taste, but especially for the appearance (it gives gloss to the composition).

The recipe and pictures belong to Inocentiu L. Canea, guest post on the Good Luck blog! with Gina Bradea. & # 128578

This slice is for you, the one who had the patience to read the recipe and the kindness to visit us & # 128578

The best apple cake & rdquodin all you have prepared

See our proposals for a complete and delicious menu. And I, like many of you, love the apple cake, in its classic version. Desserts, cooked, photographed and presented & # 129316. Blueberry cheesecake: a delicious cake, very easy to make, which does not. Fluffy pancakes with yogurt the simplest and best recipe. The apple filling flavored with cinnamon and the tender top of the pie itself.

After the tart has cooled, remove it from the pan, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve. Allow the pie sheets to thaw, during which time quickly prepare the filling. First mix the yogurt with sugar and vanilla essence. I also tried this cake once with apples, and once with pineapple instead of apples, it is absolutely delicious! I love this recipe you created. Vanilla and apricot cake flavored with vanilla & # 8211 Recipes Cranberry retetemerisor. Sweets & rsaquo Retetemerisor cakes.

Dilute the baking powder and ammonium in yogurt, stirring slowly because it. Cranberry Cake is also delicious and very effective, with apricots and. Add oil and yogurt, and then - flour and baking powder. Divide the mixture into 2 equal parts.

Ionatane apple tart

1. For the dough, sift the flour, add the soft butter cut into pieces, add the salt and mix with your fingers. Add the yolk and incorporate from the edges to the center. If the dough is too hard, add water. You don't work too hard because there is a risk of getting stronger. Gather the dough in a ball that is left to cool for 30 minutes.

2. In the bowl in which the tart will be baked, prepare the apples and for this, melt the butter and sugar to obtain a caramel. Do not let it burn too hard because the tart will become bitter. It is then fired.

3. Peel the apples and peel them, cut them into slices and place them on the cooled caramel as aesthetically as possible. Sprinkle with cinnamon, cover the pot and cook the apples on the stove for about 10 minutes on high heat.

4. Spread the dough with the rolling pin, not thicker than 3-4 mm but slightly larger than the bowl. Place the sheet over the apples, turn the edges beyond the bowl inside and bake for 20 minutes, until the tart turns golden. As soon as it is ready, with the help of another bowl that puts a lid on the one with the tart, it is removed and turned up with the apples. It is served as such.

Yogurt and apple cake

Fluffy cake with yogurt and apples, a quick and flavorful dessert.

Preparation time:



Preparation instructions

The apples are washed and scraped.

Beat the egg whites until foamy, add the sugar and mix until dissolved. Mix separately for 1 minute - oil, egg yolks, salt powder, baking powder, vanilla and yogurt.

The composition of egg white and yolk mixes easily.

Add flour, squeezed apples and mix gently until incorporated.

The obtained composition is poured into a tray (20 × 30) lined with baking paper.

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